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A Chinese saying identifies seven basic daily necessities. These are fuel, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, and tea. Tea is among the world’s oldest and most revered beverages. It is the most popular beverage in the world today next to water. Tea drinking has long been an important aspect of Chinese culture.

“Cha” is the pronunciation of tea in the Chinese language. After thousands of years of cultivation and manufacturing, China nurtures and possesses the highest quality of tea plants and tea leaves which can be classified into 6 categories based on their processing techniques: green tea, black tea, blue tea (oolong tea), white tea, yellow tea, and dark tea.

By firmly sticking to our philosophy of “only make the best tea,” we at Team CHA aim to seek out only the finest organic tea leaves and bring back the most natural, purest Chinese tea to America.

Happy sipping!


We only filter tea leaves from their origin place. The difference between the origin of tea leaves is not just in appearance, but also in the intrinsic quality and exquisite aroma nourished by their unique geographical and climatic environment. The leaves from their origin place in China that we use are more precious and rarer than others due to the scarcity of their production.


We strictly choose our tea leaves under the optimal picking season. Every single leaf could be out of date if you miss the prime time for picking. As we all know, every tea plant has its own growing period. It could seriously affect the quality of the leaves if you pick them too early or too late. Therefore, we precisely observe the season and rigorously select these amazing green leaves at their optimal picking time which only lasts a few days.


We delicately select each tea leaf. All the leaves of CHA are handpicked by experienced tea artisans. Compared to mechanical picking, handpicking is slower and less productive, but the quality is better due to the professional screening process. Furthermore, the culmination of handpicking tea is conducive to the production of premium tea.


We aim to set the standard for pushing the boundaries of naturalistic creativity in the pursuit of product excellence. CHA, as the supreme tea (alongside our inspiring package design) is our first masterpiece. It is filled with effort and commitment.

If you are lucky, you might be able to catch a live show at CHA’s counter: watching how the tea master delicately and professionally makes a cup of tea.

Tea Quantity

The easiest way to get an accurate measure for how much loose tea to use is by weighing it. A kitchen scale or digital scale that is calibrated in grams gives more accurate measurements. However, for experienced tea masters who are familiar with the leaf and know the right volume to use, they simply memorize and feel the weight of the tea. They then spoon out a specific amount of tea based on the type of tea.

Water Temperature

The amino acids in tea will dissolve in 140°F water. When the water temperature is over 158°F, the vitamin C in the tea will be ruined by the heat while the tannic acid and caffeine will dissolve. Therefore, if one uses higher temperature water to brew fresh green tea, the tea liquid will become bitter and astringent while containing less vitamins. However, tea masters use water of higher temperatures on other teas such as flowering teas, black teas, and low-grade green teas because these teas are mature with low permeability. Using a lower temperature to brew our teas, our tea masters dissolve components in the tea leaves and bring out better flavors.

Steeping Time

Different teas feature various characteristics which present very distinct flavors based on different brewing times. Tea masters from CHA strictly stick to the clock. High-grade green teas are formed from tender buds that should not be steeped for too long. Just 2 to 3 minutes will be enough. Otherwise, the aroma and freshness will be pitifully ruined. For oolong tea, the first steep can only be a few seconds followed by a second steep that is 75 seconds.


According to Tea Sage Lu Yu, premium tea should be “Qing He Ming Jing, Wei Liang Gan Mei” which means the tea is ultra-pure and crystal clear with a lingering sweet and mellow taste. Imbibing this kind of rare tea will not only nourish your body and relax your mind, but will also maintain intrinsic harmony of one’s spirit and bridge the pathway between human and pure bliss.

Drink a cup of CHA and calm down to make your life wiser. Under the hustle of life, why not pause for a moment and enjoy this cup of fine brew to ease your mind and appreciate an unrestrained life. Drink a cup of CHA and slow down to make your steps breezier. Everyone sees different and experiences different moods on the journey of life. No matter who you are or where you go, a cup of hot tea can always bring certainty and get rid of your troubles along the way.


CHA gives traditional tea another flavorful layer, Cream Cold Foam. We call this Skyline.

This amazing mix of cream, cheese, and milk, our Cream Cold Foam appears to be just like clouds floating in a blue sky. Furthermore, our Skyline beverages are dreamy combinations of fresh milk and authentic tea that perfectly melt together to create a smooth, unique flavor. They absolutely satisfy your taste buds, live up to your aesthetic expectations, and boost your feelings of happiness.

By using skim milk and low-cal sugar with higher nutrients and fewer calories, without a doubt, CHA has created the best quality drink for Skyline.