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Taiwanese Oolong (Oolong Tea)

Place of Origin: Taiwan

The aroma of these tea leaves is slightly fruity. The tea first appears as a wonderful shade of gold with a hint of red as the infusion increases. This tea’s gentle yet distinctive flavor complements its fruity undertones.

This oolong tea is associated with lower instances of heart disease, obesity, and cancer. It also reduces inflammation and oxidative stress.


Price for 1 cup:

$3.99 for pure tea

$4.99 for Skyline (w/Cream Cold Foam)


Choose Ice Level: none/less/regular/extra

Choose Sugar Level: none/30%/50%/70%/100%/double


* We use low-cal sugar which has 10% less calories than regular sugar.

*JIAO Cream Cold Foam is made with fresh cream, cheese, and milk.