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Longjing (Green Tea)

Place of Origin: Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

Our green tea is from the core tea plantation of West Lake. It is surrounded by a mild climate, rain, and fog all year round. These conditions allow our tea leaves to retain more theanine, thus providing our teas with a mellow and fruity taste.

This tea contains more nutrients and a higher number of antioxidants. Plus, all of our Longjing teas consist of 100% natural leaves with not artificial flavoring or coloring.

Price for 1 cup:

$3.99 for pure tea

$4.99 for Skyline (w/Cream Cold Foam)


Choose Ice Level: none/less/regular/extra

Choose Sugar Level: none/30%/50%/70%/100%/double


* We use low-cal sugar which has 10% less calories than regular sugar

*JIAO Cream Cold Foam is made with fresh cream, cheese, and milk.