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Jasmine (Flowering Tea)

Place of Origin: Sichuan Province

This is a jasmine tea connoisseur’s dream. It has a subtly sweet taste and a blooming fragrance. It retains a soft, smooth feel with its long lasting fragrance. Jasmine is a pleasantly aromatic plant that eases your mind and promotes relaxation. Made with premium tea leaves, these functions have been doubled to boost appetite and digestion, reduce anxiety, and expedite your metabolism.

Price for 1 cup:

$3.99 for pure tea

$4.99 for Skyline (w/Cream Cold Foam)


Choose Ice Level: none/less/regular/extra

Choose Sugar Level: none/30%/50%/70%/100%/double


*We use low-cal sugar which has 10% less calories than regular sugar

*JIAO Cream Cold Foam is made with fresh cream, cheese, and milk.