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Inspired the ancient Chinese masterpiece Along The River During the Qingming Festival, JIAO creatively incorporates traditional Chinese landscape elements into modern Western designs.

The interior designers of JIAO endeavored to interpret the implicit and elegant aesthetic values of ancient China by using a variety of ancient architectural elements such as dougong (wooden brackets), window holes, tenon, and a sloped roof to create a uniquely immersive dining experience.

JIAO hopes to offer a tranquil and natural environment within this hustling and bustling city while striving to become the first Chinese fast food brand that was born and sprouted in Chicago.


Qingming Shanghe Tu (Along the River During the Qingming Festival) is a painting by the Song Dynasty artist Zhang Zeduan (1085-1145). It depicts the landscape of the capital, Bianjing, during the Northern Song. Successive scenes reveal the lifestyle of ancient Chinese people in rural areas and the city. These offer glimpses of period clothing, architecture, and food. The painting is considered to be the most iconic work among all Chinese paintings and it has been called “China’s Mona Lisa.”

Our designers (who also did QXY’s design) used the framework of this classic Song Dynasty painting and recreated a modern edition with our fun, representative character — JIAO. The dumpling booth scenario in the painting shows the weight of dumplings in Chinese food culture. The interior of our eatery draws from the booth and is meant to evoke “quiet and comfortable relaxation hidden in a chaotic urban jungle.”


JIAO chose to develop its own software instead of purchasing an existing one. Even though the easier route could save a lot of time and money, JIAO insisted on building everything from scratch because none of the already existing software perfectly suited our needs.

JIAO developed a proprietary ordering system to speed up the kitchen flow, ensuring customers score fresh dumplings within 5 minutes of ordering.

When a customer places an order on our app or at the store, the order is sent instantly to the kitchen via an advanced POS ordering system. The cooks in the kitchen receive the order and prepare food after the system intelligently separates and arranges the order in the most efficient way. In this way, even during the busiest hours, customers can expect their orders in 5 minutes.


The logos of JIAO and CHA reveal the ancient Chinese philosophy of Tian Yuan Di Fang (meaning round sky and square earth) which signifies a harmonious world. Additionally, the round logo of JIAO represents the shape of pi, the flour wrapper of a dumpling, while the square logo of CHA represents the shape of a teacup.

The font of JIAO evolved several times in order to perfectly combine Chinese and American aesthetics.


To shorten the cooking time and elevate the aesthetics, JIAO created a proprietary dumpling tray with unique packaging. The experienced product designers from JIAO experimented hundreds of times to devise a safe dumpling tray that can be used six different ways that include cooking in the kitchen, dining in the restaurant, and taking out food.

This dumpling tray is actually wheat straw plastic. The materials of the tray were carefully chosen from wheat straw fiber and high-quality food grade PP. Compared to traditional and unhealthy plastic, it uses less than 50%. Furthermore, this tray is portable and heat and cold resistant as well.

The innovative graphic designers from JIAO created dynamic packaging including dining trays, takeout boxes, and takeout bags — all which are durable and biodegradable.

Pursuing perfection in every single detail, not only in our dumplings but for everything, is the attitude of JIAO.


To complete our brand image and to have some fun, Team JIAO created a cute human-like figure with a dumpling-shaped head called JIAO as JIAO’s mascot. JIAO appears everywhere in the restaurant. Find him on our staff uniform, on the packaging, utensils, mugs, paintings, rugs, etc. Go get him!

Modern, dynamic, innovative graphic design from JIAO expresses our young spirit and attracts cool people who hold similar aesthetics at the same time.


We designed hundreds of drafts to optimize our space for proper function and bring about a certain aesthetic. For instance, the entrance and vestibule area is our first spatial sequence. It is bright, roomy and allows customers to enter orderly. The dining and ordering area, as our second spatial sequence, is naturally divided by our wooden decor. Our dining area can accommodate up to 58 people at the same time. By using a Z-shaped structure in the middle of the hall, we creatively separated the checkout area from the CHA bar. This aims to diverge the flow of people and make your experience more comfortable. Furthermore, we use a no-barrier linear design to arrange the ordering, cooking, and serving areas, streamlining our kitchen flow and boosting our work efficiency. By the way, we also designed a staff area for our employees to rest and have meals, which is neat and safe.


Service is always important for any restaurant. Even though JIAO serves customers in a fast-food model, we believe offering professional and considerate customer service is as important as offering the best quality food.

Being professionally and systematically trained with passion and sympathy, every server from JIAO devotes himself or herself to provide the best service possible to our customers.

Being served by considerate and friendly servers is not the only way for customers to feel welcomed in JIAO. JIAO shows its care in every detail of the restaurant to create a convenient and premium dining experience for everyone.