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Run by the same team behind Qing Xiang Yuan Dumplings, one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in Chicago, JIAO opened in the Loop in October 2019. As QXY’s sub-brand, JIAO specializes in the most authentic Chinese soup dumplings.

In 4 years, we have developed a tiny store hidden in a food court into one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in Chicago. We are grateful for what we have achieved and we are grateful we haven’t stopped!

We have a dream to spread dumpling culture and authentic Chinese cuisine to more American customers. That is how we thought of JIAO, the first fast food brand specializing in Chinese soup dumplings.


JIAO shares the same great recipe as the one from Qing Xiang Yuan Dumplings, one of the most popular dumpling restaurants in Chicago.

The inspiring head chefs, Mr. and Mrs. Man, inherited the 300-year-old secret dumpling recipe from the husband’s ancestors. The couple holds a strong belief that authentic Chinese flavors should be borderless. Proven by the reputation of Qing Xiang Yuan Dumplings, Mr. and Mrs. Man have created a new legend for Chinese soup dumplings here in America.

Inheriting this legendary recipe and these master skills from Qing Xiang Yuan Dumplings, its sub-brand JIAO uses more premium ingredients to upgrade the menu, bringing the best and authentic taste of Chinese soup dumplings to a more casual setting.


Ingredients are the soul of a dish. Keeping the essentials of Chinese Soup Dumplings, JIAO upgrades their flavors by using high quality flour, premium meat, fresh seafood, and organic vegetables. After a lot of experimentation in the kitchen, the Beef and Onion Dumpling made with 100% angus beef and organic purple onions was our first successful revolutionary dumpling: tastier and more nutritious with fewer calories.

We then have been exploring more possibilities of new Chinese Soup Dumplings by upgrading the ingredients and sticking to healthy cooking principles. This distinguishes JIAO from other food brands.


JIAO upgrades its dumpling recipe by using premium ingredients and healthy cooking principles combined with a fast and convenient experience.

We believe as JIAO redefines Chinese Soup Dumplings, it will break the stereotype and impression that Chinese cuisine cannot be delicious, innovative, and healthy.

JIAO dumplings are:

Freshly Made Every Morning

Use Premium Meat, Seafood & Organic Vegetables

Have Little Oil and Salt


CHA, the sub-brand of Qing Xiang Yuan Dumplings focusing on tea, commits to bringing the uppermost premium Chinese tea to America.

CHA created a new series of milk tea called Skyline. You can choose 4 types of Chinese tea as the base: West Lake Longjing Tea (Green Tea), E`mei Jasmine Tea (Flowering Tea), Taiwan Tung-ting Oolong Tea (Oolong Tea), and Osmanthus Tea (Black Tea).

By subtly putting the sweet and salty Cream Cold Foam made with skim milk and thick cheese on the top of the tea, Skyline teas become rich in flavor yet remain light.

They are an afternoon delight!